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This following should not be construed to be a list of the only jobs I can do for you. Rather this provides an general listing of common services and what they will incur. Eventually I will also add such offerings as slow rust bluing but need to build the tanks first. Please bear with me as my company grows to provide quality services at competitive prices.

General Work
Labor (General Maintenance and Repairs.
Charged in 10 minute increments.)
Minimum Charge per Gun $15.00
Written Appraisals, Cost Estimates $30.00
Clean, Lube, Inspect - Complete teardown
and inspection for worn parts
Test-Fire Customer Gun (Does not include cost of ammo) $25.00
Check Headspace $20.00
Check Firing Pin Protrusion $15.00
Make Chamber Cast $30.00
Remove Fired Case from Chamber $25.00
Remove Live Round from Chamber $50.00
Remove Obstruction from Bore $30.00
Cut and Crown Barrel $50.00
Install Muzzle Brake $100.00 and up
Trigger Job - Smooth and Lighten.
Does not include cost of spring kits
Price varies based on type of gun
$25.00 and up
Bluing Touchup $20.00 and up
Complete Re-Bluing
Cold Blue only at this time.
$80.00 and up

Stock Work
Wood Finish (Hand Rubbed BLO or Tung) $100.00
Wood Finish (Filled, Dents Raised, Stain, Satin, Polyurethane) $110.00
Glass Bedding Barrel and Action $75.00-$100.00
Install Sling Swivels $25.00
Prefinished Synthetic Stock (Fit and Install Barreled Action) $65.00
Install Recoil Pad $35.00

Sight Work
Bore Sight $15.00
Install Scope (Pre-drilled and tapped)
(Includes truing rings, checking scope, and bore sighting)

Last Updated 20 Jul 23