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King's Armory

This is our current inventory of ammuntion. We like to believe that we offer the best prices in the area with the best selection possible. We think you'll agree, our prices are the best. If you have a caliber, or gauge, that's not listed, please let us know. It may already be on our want list.

Pistol Ammunition

Ammo, 357 Magnum, Remington, 158gr, SWC, 50rds


Ammo, 38 Special, Hornady, 110gr, FTX, 25rnd/bx


Ammo, 38 Special, Fiocchi, 158gr, FMJ, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 380ACP, Barnes, 80gr, TAC-XPD, 20rnds/bx


Ammo, 380ACP, Federal, 90gr, JHP, 20rnds/bx


Ammo, 380ACP, Sellier&Bellot, 92gr, FMJ, 20rnds/bx


Ammo, 40S&W, Barnes, 140gr, TAC-XPD, 20rds


Ammo, 40S&W, Blazer Brass, 165gr, FMJ, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 40S&W, CCI, #9 Shot, 10rds


Ammo, 40S&W, MagTech, 180gr, FMJ, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 41 Rem Mag, Barnes, 180gr, XPB, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 45ACP, PMC, 230gr, FMJ, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 45ACP, Sierra, 185gr, JHP, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 7.62x25 Tokarev, Fiocchi, 85gr, FMJ, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 9mm, Hornady, 115gr, XTP, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 9mm, MagTech, 115gr, FMJ, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 10mm, MagTech, 180gr, FMJ, 50rnd/bx


Rifle Ammunition

Ammo, 17 HMR, Hornady, 17gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 22LR, Aguilla, Super Extra, 40gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 22LR, Aguilla, Target, 40gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 22LR, CCI, Small Game, 21gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 22LR, CCI, Target, 40gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 22LR, Winchester, Power-Point, 40gr, 222rnd/bx


Ammo, 22MAG, CCI, 30gr, V-Max, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 223, Fiocchi, 55gr, FMJBT, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 223, Frontier, 55gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 223, Frontier, 68gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 223, PMC, 55gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 223, Wolf, 55gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 270 Winchester, Federal, 130gr, Lead Free, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 270 Winchester, Federal, 130gr, Hi-Shok SP, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 270 Winchester, Winchester, 130gr, Silver Tip, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 270 Winchester, Federal, 150gr, Soft Point RN, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 270 Winchester, Federal Premium, 150gr, Nosler, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 30-06, Federal, 180gr, SP, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 300 Blackout, Fiocchi, 150gr, FMJBT, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 300 Blackout, Hornady, 110gr, VMAX, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 300 Blackout, Hornady, 190gr, Sub-X, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 300WIN, Federal, 200gr, GameKing, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 307WIN, Winchester, 180gr, Soft Point, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 308WIN, Aguila, 150gr, FMJ-BT, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 308WIN, Federal, 150gr, Soft Point, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 308WIN, Winchester, 150gr, Power Point, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 308WIN, Winchester, 180gr, Power Point, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 375 Ruger, Hornady, 270gr, SP-RP, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 5.56, Frontier, 55gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 5.56, PMC, 55gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 5.56, Fiocchi, 55gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 5.7FN, Federal, 40gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 6.5 Creedmoor, Aguilla, 140gr, SP, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 6.5 Swede, PPU, 139r, FMJ, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 6.5 WBY RPM, Weatherby, 140gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 7.62X39, PMC, 20rnd/pk


Ammo, 7.62X51, CBC, 147gr, FMJ, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 7.62X51, Sellier&Bellot, 147gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 7.62X51, Winchester, 147gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 7.62X51, Federal, 149gr, FMJ, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 7.62X51, Winchester, 149gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 7.62X54R, Winchester, 180gr, SP, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 7mm-08 Rem, Hornady, 139gr, CX, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 8mm Mauser, Greek, 198gr, FMJ, 20rnd/bx


We currently have a wide variety of 12GA shells that were purchased from an estate. Everything from 00 to #4 to T shot. When these are gone, they will be gone.

Shotgun Shells

Ammo, 12GA, Fiocchi, Slug, 10rnd/bx


Ammo, 12GA, Federal, #7.5 Shot, 100rnd/bx


Ammo, 12GA, Fiocchi, #7.5 Shot


Ammo, 12GA, Rio, #7.5 Shot


Ammo, 12GA, Fiocchi, #8 Shot


Ammo, 12GA, Remington, 00, 5rnd/bx


Ammo, 20GA, Federal, #8 Shot


Ammo, 20GA, Lightfield, HD Plastic 00, 5rnd/bx


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