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King's Armory

These are shops that I do business with, both as a private individual and as a professional. I'm sharing them with you because I know they are reliable sites.

Gun Auctions - Tired of buying whatever someone has in stock? Looking for a special piece or something to add to your collection? Have you considered bidding in an Auction? I'm a collector of military rifles and with few exceptions, everything in my collection was purchased by auction. Often, if you play your cards right, you can get a gun at below market value. If you bid and win, I will be happy to assist you with the transfer. WARNING: Auctions are addictive.

Gun Auction

Gun Broker

Individual Sales - My experience with both of these sites has been limited to ammo purchases. While I don't question the integrity of the sellers, the prices may be on the high side. I would recommend you look at the second site by your local area (i.e. Tucson, Phoenix) or wherever you're willing to drive. These are private individuals by and large and there is no review or control over them as on other sites.

Guns America

Arms List

Retail Sales - These companies offer a variety of guns, ammo, and accesories. Their listing change weekly or monthly and I encourage you to check them out. Again, if you buy a gun from any of these sources, I will be happy to assist you with the transfer. My FFL is on file with each of these companies to facilitate shipping and transfer.

AIM Surplus

Classic Firarms

J&G Sales

Southern Ohio Guns

Black Powder - Ever wanted to try black powder? Find out what it was like for the soldiers of the Civil War and Indian Wars? I've recently gotten into the black powder scene and it's a LOT of fun. The pace is slower and after reloading a pistol or musket a few times, you'll wonder how in the world we ever survived a war or the frontier. Shooting black powder guns is different from other types of guns as anyone can buy one and have it shipped to their front door if they want. Currently there are no background checks or ATF forms required to buy or own a black powder gun as they are classified as antiques (even newly manufactured guns from Italy and Spain). Although the initial outlay can be a bit more than just buying a gun and cartridge ammunition, the fun makes up for the initial expense. If you're not sure about getting into black powder, talk to me and we can arrange to meet. I'll be happy to demonstrate or help you get started. Once you try it, you'll love it.

Track of the Wolf

Dixie Gun Works

Mauser K98