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From time to time I come across items that I think might be of interest to our shooting community. Check here to see what I may have found and got at a GREAT price. In turn, I can offer them to you at a better price than anywhere else in the area. These items will normally be available in quantities of 2-5 and when they are gone, they are gone. If you are following me on Face Book, I will announce specials there to get the word out.

Clean, Lube, Inspect Special. No one wants to lose a prize shot at a deer, elk, rabbit, or bird. Often the problem could have been prevented simply with a good professional cleaning, lube, and inspection for worn parts. Since hunting season is upon us, for the month of October, I'm offering my CLI, which includes a detailed disassembly for $30. That's 25% off for this month only. Why risk losing that perfect kill to a dirty gun or worn part?

Czech Model VZ24 Mauser bolt-action rifle in 8mm and with 23.5 barrel. The action is very good and bore good. The rifling is in amazing condition and rates at good+. It is manufactured by BRNO, however, it's a contract rifle built for the Romanians by the Czechs. It has a partial crest from King Carol still on it. Manufactured around 1938/39. Century Arms import. Bolt serial number does not match receiver. Offer includes 20 rounds of ammo. Price $210 + tax.

Molon Labe